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Water Proof Wrist Watch Camera


This product is the first wristwatch with HD digital function,camera It looks lovely,but a useful wristwatch.The lovely designed wristwatch is easy to operate.


  • Video:In the condition of standby,after you press the key No.4,the blue light will be off after shining three time.It means the equipment is in the condition of video.In the condition of video,press the key,No.4,the equipment will store the file and enter into the standby condition
  • Camera:In the condition of standby,after you press the key,No.6 for one time.The red light will shine one time.It means it takes one picture and stores it as JPG file.
  • Motion Detector:In the condition of standby,please press the key,No.6 for two seconds,the red ligth will shine three times.It means it enters into motion detector mode.If there is any object is moving in the working area,the equipment will take video automatically,and it will store the file every three minuts.If the object stops moving,the equipment will stop taking video within three minutes.
  • PC Camera:If it is the first time for you to use it in the computure,you need to install the driving progarmme.After you install the programe,you can connect the equipment and PC.But please remember when you connet it to the pc,please press the key,No.6 at the same time,after you connnet it to the pc,you can releas it.

Video Coding M-JPEG
Resolution 640*480
Player Software Operating systems or mainstream movie playback software
Picture Format JPG
Picture Format JPG
Image Scaling 4:3
Suppot System Windows me/2000/xp/2003/vista;ââ›Mac os 10.4;ââ›Linux;
Interface-type Mini 4 Pin USB
Memory Card Format Nand flash
Battery High-capacity polymer lithium battery
Before use please read the following:
  • The nut,A:ââšMIC1 and the nut,B:MIC2 are microphone hole nut,the height of them are same.
  • The nut A:MIC1 is with a hole in the center of the nut(the following picture),it is for transmit the sound.If the environment permit,please use this nut.When you take the video,the equipment also can record the sound.
  • The nut,B:ââšMIC2 is without the hole,but it is with a rubber fitting inside which can anti-water,When it is in the humidity or dust environment,please use this nut.But when you use this nut,the equipment can not record the sound.
  • Please tighten the nuts when you use the equipment.
  • Before use the nut,please check if the rubber is inside of the nut.If not,please change the new one.

Package Contents:

  • 1 x Spy watch(4G)
  • 1 X USB Cable
  • 1 x Charge
  • 1 x User Manual
  • 1 x CD drive

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