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GSM Worldwide Plug Adapter BUG Sound Activation


This product uses a Taiwanese military technology GSM module with voice-activated automatic call back function. It can be installed at home or in offices,shops and warehouse. is of a This product compact size with clear, simple operation and stable performance, without the need to install anything. It also works by remote control.
User Manual Size: (909.37 KB)

Specifications :

  • Adapter apperance
  • Worldwide Plug Adapter
  • GSM Bug
  • Sound activation
  • Automatic call back function
  • No need charge power,just plug

Parameters :

  • Size:45*75*60mm(L*W*H)
  • Weight: 102g
  • Network type (2 select 1) : GSM900Mhz/DCS1800Mhz; GSM850Mhz/DCS1900Mhz

Usage :

1. Insert SIM card:
  • Please Insert SIM card in the right direction as instruction,you will see some dege left outside,please cut the
    edge of SIM card,then close the back cover.
  • Weight: 102g
  • Note: The cut of edge will not affect SIM card'sfunction
2. Operation :
  • when plug,the TC300 will start work ,then it can auto answer any incoming call.
  • Fuction setting :
    Send SMS GDM1 start voice control,when sound around ,the product will call your mobile. Send SMS GDM2 stop voice control.Send SMS SJ** set voice control call back interval.

Note :

  • This product no need charge,just plug .
  • If the product can't auto-answer: to conmfirm whether the GSM card,this machine useing a GSM network.
  • View cell phone signal is strong enough to install location.
  • To ensure the security and confidentiaty ,please sure to use a new card.

Package content :

  • GSM Plug adapter BUG
  • User manaual

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