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Spy Mini DVR Socket Camera

Introduction :

We provide technically advance Socket Camera that has high resolution feature. The Socket Appearance Spy Camera DVR is very easy to install and is difficult detect. It automatically enters the video mode at last five minutes and saves the video when outside voice is more than 65 DB. Further, the machine again re-enter video mode if the voice is again more than 65 DB that make the video for more 5 minutes and then saves it with consistent repetition.

Silent Features:

  • Sleek design
  • Easy to use
  • Voice detection facility
  • High resolution video
  • Compatible with PC/laptops
Specifications :

  • Memory : No memory, Micro SD card slot up to 16GB (2GB included)
  • Resolution : 1280*960
  • File Format : MP4-AVI
  • Typical Microphone Range : 3-10m
  • Synchronous : Video
  • Construction : ABS plastic
  • Accessories : USB cable, User Manual, Power adapter
  • Sensor : Cmos Sensor* Power Source : Internal Rechargeable Li-Battery
Used In :

  • Office
  • House
  • Public places
Manual Mode :

Enter Into The Manual Mode :
  • when switch off status, press manually video" button then dial the switch "on" to start till blue light on
  • Click the video button, yellow lights flash 3 times wait all off to start make videos
  • Press video button again and the blue lights on to stop video and saved
  • Enter into the manual mode standby stats
Voice Activated Mode :
  • When switch off status, dial switch be on and blue lights on 10 seconds then off, the machine enter the voice-activated video standby mode, when the outside sound more than 65DB, this device automatically to enter the video mode lasts 5 minutes to stop and saved, if the outside voice again more than 65DB, the machine continue to re-enter the video mode make video for five minutes and save it again and again.
  • In voice-activated mode, short press video keys can exit, yellow light on and saved the video files before exit and short press again, yellow light off and enter into the voice-activated video standby states.
Light Work States Indication Charge :
  • When charging red light on, after full then lights off
USB file reading and writing :
  • Yellow light slow flash in manual mode light indicator
Standby Mode :
  • Blue Light on No card
  • Blue light fast flash Card is full
  • Yellow and building same time on Battery lower power
  • Yellow light slow flashing DB voice : 65 DB Battery : 900MAN 3-7V

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