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Mobile Phone With Spy Camera

Introduction :

it is not a real phone just a spy phone camera/4GB spy mobile phone camera camcorder with a voice control function

Features :

  • video: 1280 * 960
  • audio rec
  • vioce control
  • 4GB inside
  • The battery and the data cable are same as the real phone.
  • The user manual can look the pictures above.

Package include:

  • 4GB SPY phone
  • BP-6M battery
  • usb cable
  • Power adapter
  • English user manual
  • Driver disk
  • phone box

Brief Introduction

This product is a mini camcorder with super long standby time, which is an ideal home security equipment. It `s able to work on for 3 days on sound control mode and for 6 hours on manual mode.


Sound Control Mode: Open the back cover and take out the battery, then turn left the switch and finally put in the battery. Under this mode, when there is sound up to 40-60 decibels around, the blue indicator brightens and enter into ready condition. 10 seconds later it flashes 3 times and starts to record. When there is no sound for 2 minutes, the yellow indicator flashes 3 times and the recording stops automatically. It restarts to work when receiving sound again in such a process above-mentioned.

Manual Mode: Open the back cover and take out the battery, then turn right the switch. Press the power switch till the blue indicator brightens. 10 seconds later it flashes 3 times and starts to record. And press the power switch till the yellow indicator goes out after flashing 3 times, recording files saved automatically. Note:It will take a while after starting every time. During the ready time, please do not make other operations like pressing continuously or connecting the computer, etc. The length of ready time has to do with the memory capacity. Higher the memory capacity, longer the ready time.

PC Connection: Under the conditions of power off (indicators go out) or standby (the yellow indicator brightens and the blue one goes out), it can be connected to the computer. Then the mark of removable disk comes out. Before taking it out please click the icon in lower right corner to unload it. After the system confirms to take it out safely, the connection between the camcorder and the computer shall be cut down. Note:According to the variety of the computers and systems, the lengths of ready time have something different. Please wait and do not make other operations to avoid any bad effect of recognizing. If the hardware cannot be recognized, please try to reinsert it. And if it still doesn `t work, please take out the battery and connect to USB, and check if your operating system, drivers, USB port and cable are workable.

Parameter l Video Resolution: 640 * 480
l Video Format: AVI. Multimedia players recommended:Storm, KM player, Mplayer etc
. l Operating System:windows98/me/2000/xp/2003/vista; mac os; linux; (Only win98 needs to install the driver in \\\"U-Disk_driver_win98.rar.
l Maintaining: Do not let it work in the dusty environment in case that the lens or other parts would be covered with dust to affect video definition. Keep it clean with lens wiping paper or glasses cloth ..
l Others:Do not use it under heavy magnetic field or heavy electric field

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